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Pacific Institute


Photo: Craig Miller/KQED
Founded in 1987, the Pacific Institute is housed in this Oakland Victorian.

654 13th Street, Preservation Park
Oakland, CA 94612, USA
Phone: 510-251-1600
Fax: 510-251-2203
Email: info (at) pacinst.org


2260 Baseline Road, Suite 101
Boulder, CO 80302, USA
Phone: 720-564-0651
Fax: 303-786-8054
Email: co_office (at) pacinst.org

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General Email:

For media queries, email press (at) pacinst.org.
For general queries, email info (at) pacinst.org.

Staff Email:

Staff email general format is [first initial][last name] (at) pacinst.org
Exclude all hyphens.

Terry Asbury, 
Executive Assistant
Michael Cohen, Senior Research Associate
Heather Cooley, Program Co-Director
Kristina Donnelly, Research Associate
Cindy Foley, Finance and Operations Manager
Catalina Garzon, Program Co-Director
Dr. Peter H. Gleick, President
Mai-Lan Ha, Research Associate
Matthew Heberger, Research Associate
Misha Hutchings, Senior Research Associate 
Paula Luu, 
Communications Manager
Jason Morrison, Program Director
Asha Nordwall, Office Manager
Jessica Parr-Fitch, Popular Education Associate
Nancy Ross, Director of Communications
Peter Schulte, Research Associate
Pete Stanga, Chief Operating Officer
Anna Bee Szendrenyi, Agricultural Water Steward Project Coordinator
Stefanie Woodward, Research Associate