Community Strategies for Sustainability and Justice: Soot Busters Project

As the host neighborhood to the Port of Oakland, two railyards, three highways, and numerous truck-related businesses, West Oakland suffers from a disproportionately high concentration of pollution from the trucks and rails involved in moving goods to and from the Port of Oakland. Since 2007, the Soot Busters Project has been working to inform West Oakland residents about how land use changes, and specifically the expansion of goods movement can impact the health and safety of community residents. Soot Busters, a partnership between the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project and the Pacific Institute, engages residents in planning and implementing community-friendly solutions to the impacts of trucks and trains, and  empowers local residents to participate in the decision-making process surrounding land use and transportation changes, and specifically the expansion of goods movement.

The Soot Busters project is funded by the California Department of Transportation, the San Francisco Foundation, the California Endowment, and the California Wellness Foundation.