Corporate Sustainability: CEO Water Mandate Water Action Hub

The UN Global Compact CEO Water Mandate Water Action Hub is the first online platform designed to to unite companies, governments, NGOs, and other stakeholders on a range of critical water projects in specific river basins around the planet.

There is a need for organized and readily accessible information to help businesses understand their options for collective action on water issues, particularly whom they can work with in a particular region of interest. The Pacific Institute collaborated on building the Water Action Hub to help companies and other organizations more effectively understand which stakeholders are active in particular river basins and any relevant water-related initiatives these stakeholders are undertaking.

The core of the Water Action Hub online tool is a data management system that facilitates match-making by allowing allows users to identify potential collective action opportunities via river basins, organizations, projects, and collaboration action areas. The Hub is accompanied by a beta version of the CEO Water Mandate’s Guide to Water Resource Collective Action, which provides a step-by-step approach to water-resource-related collective action.

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