Cadiz Report – Vol. 3: Cadiz Section 2

 Comments Received on the Supplement to the Draft EIR/EIS

Written Comments Received from Federal Agencies

F3 United States Environmental Protection Agency (1/3/01)

F4 United States Department of Interior National Park Service (1/8/01)

Written Comments Received from State Agencies

S7 State of California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, State Clearinghouse (10/25/00)

S8 State of California Governor’s Office of Planning and Research, State Clearinghouse (12/5/00)

S9 California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Colorado River Basin Region (12/4/00)

S10 California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Colorado River Basin Region (12/4/00)

S11 California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Colorado River Basin Region (12/5/00)

S12 California Department of Water Resources (12/5/00)

S13 California Regional Water Quality Control Board, Colorado River Basin Region (1/8/01)

Written Comments Received from Regional and Local Agencies

R5 City of San Diego (10/23/00)

R6 Riverside County Sheriff (11/1/00)

R7 James Bryant, Curator of Natural History (11/16/00)

R8 City of Twentynine Palms

R9 Southern California Association of Governments (11/29/00)

R10 Baldy Mesa Water District (1/1/01)

R11 Cucamonga County Water District (1/4/01)

R12 County of San Bernardino Economic Development and Public Services Group (1/5/01)

R13 Victor Valley Water District (12/19/00)

Written Comments Received from Groups and Organizations

G18 Environmental Defense (1/7/00)

G19 Desert Protective Council (10/19/00)

G20 Western Environmental Law Center (10/20/00)

G21 The Wilderness Society (11/1/00)

G22 Lorey Cachora (11/23/00)

G23 Western Environmental Law Center (11/16/00)

G24 Desert Tortoise Council (12/3/00)

G25 California Indian Arts (12/28/00)

G26 Cherokee Watershed Group (1/3/01)

G27 Desert Tortoise Preserve Committee, Inc. (1/4/01)

G28 Law Office of Garry L. Hayes (1/4/01)

G29 The League of Women Voter Environmental Action Committee (1/5/01)

G30 Law Offices of Morisset, Schosser, Ayer & Jozwiak (1/5/01)

G31 Morongo Basin Conservation Association (1/5/01)

G32 Desert Tortoise Council (1/6/01)

G33 Desert Survivors (1/7/01)

G34 Sierra Club (1/8/01)

G35 Environmental Defense (1/8/01)

G36 Clean Water Action (1/8/01) HM

G37 Mono Lake Committee (1/8/01)

G38 California Native Plant Society (1/8/01)

G39 Desert Protective Council, Inc. (1/8/01)

G40 People Against Radioactive Dumping (1/8/01)

G41 Sierra Club Cal/Nev Regional Conservation Committee, BLM Lands Committee (1/4/01)

G42 Western Environmental Law Center (as amended 1/11/01)

G43 Sierra Club, San Fernando Valley (1/2/01)

Written Comment Received from Businesses

B7 Claypool & Co. (11/29/00)

B8 The Gas Company (10/26/00)

B9 GSi/Water (1/3/01)

B10 Palecek & Skaja (1/2/01)

B11 Deco Foodservice (1/4/00)

B12 Latham & Watkins (1/5/01)

B13 CT Associates (1/7/01)

Written Comments Received from Members of the General Public

P18 John Hill (10/30/00)

P19 Cathy Danzeisen (11/2/00)

P20 Kate Blair (11/21/00)

P21 Citizen Letter/Roger Armstrong (11/29/00) (and list 5,529 commentors sending identical letter)

P22 Barbara Paschke (12/4/000)

P23 James Bryant (11/16/00)

P24 William T. McCarvill (11/24/00)

P25 Aubrey Johnson (11/20/00)

P26 Carol Aronowsky (12/21/00)

P27 Kirk D. Mayes (12/26/00)

P28 Marsha Westropp (12/27/00)

P29 Susan Zwinger (12/29/00)

P30 Mary C. Westake (12/28/00)

P31 Jeffrey Blake (12/28/00)

P32 Richard H. Knox (12/28/00)

P33 Lauire Battin (12/28/00)

P34 Lillian Hannhan (12/28/00)

P35 Kristina Golden (12/29/00)

P36 Joseph Olson (12/29/00)

P37 Marcus Libkind (12/29/00)

P38 Andrew Lee Roth (12/31/00)

P39 Andrew Roth & Elizabeth Boyd (12/31/00)

P40 Tony B. de Bellis (12/31/00)

P41 Dr. Thomas McNichlos (12/30/00)

P42 Seth Shteir (12/30/00)

P43 Stephen B. Brown (1/2/01)

P44 Will Connell (1/1/01)

P45 Jack Robbins (1/1/01)

P46 Orson Hughes (1/1/01)

P47 Bruce J. Weekly (1/2/01)

P48 Michael Crandell (1/2/01)

P49 Ralph Landers (1/2/01)

P50 Eve Watson (1/3/01)

P51 Paul Limon (1/3/01)

P52 MaryAnn Lockhart (1/3/01)

P53 Bob Brister (1/3/01)

P54 Stephen Turnbull (1/3/01)

P55 Lisanne Fresse and John Hinkle (1/3/01)

P56 Russell Blalack (1/3/01)

P57 Katherine Rodgers (1/4/01)

P58 Steven D. Gabel (1/4/01)

P59 Kenton E. Bentley (1/4/01)

P60 Cifford E. Anderson (1/4/01)

P61 Catherine C. Beauchamp (1/4/01)

P62 Phil Beyman (1/4/01)

P63 Larry and Loretta Bodiford (1/4/01)

P64 Mrs. Terry Bing (1/4/01)

P65 Lynne Plambeck (1/5/01)

P66 Nancy Hall (1/5/01)

P67 Edward H. Lubin (1/6/01)

P68 Stanley James (1/6/01)

P69 Alan Carlton Attorney at Law (1/6/01)

P70 Carolyn B. Jennings (1/6/01)

P71 John E. Hiatt (1/6/01)

P72 Alice Tseng (1/6/01)

P73 Jim Blomquish (1/7/01)

P74 Glenn Torbett (1/7/01)

P75 Jeffrey Yuan (1/7/01)

P76 Joan Jones Haltz (1/7/01)

P77 Lorraine Unger (1/7/01)

P78 Carolyn B. Jenning (1/6/01)

P79 Ada Bahine (1/7/01)

P80 George Hague (1/8/01)

P81 Ruth Lopez/ PARDners Archaeological Consulting (1/8/01)

P82 Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (1/8/01)

P83 Peggy Lauer (1/8/01)

P84 Bob Criss, Washington University in St. Louis (1/8/01)

P85 Mr. & Mrs. Joe Friedman

P86 San Joaquin River Parkway and Conservation Trust

P87 Laura Sherrod

P88 Seth Shteir

P89 Barry Melius

P90 Alison Sweeter (12/30/00)

P91 Michael T. Jarvis

P92 Donald Holtz

P93 Jeri Andrews

P94 Connie Garcia

P95 Lane P. Labbe

P96 Michael Rifkind

P97 Dr. Thomas M. McNicholas (12/30/00)

P98 Eve Lager

P99 Derek Sowers

P100 Cheryl A. Reiff

P101 A. B. Amster

P102 Matthias F. Reese

P103 Bonnie Miller (and list of 12 identical letters) (12/21/00)

P104 Mariana Cherry (identical letter by K. Bouvier) (1/4/01)

P105 Carol Prager (identical letter by Ronald Brusha) (1/2/01)

P106 Kelly Cohen (12/22/00)

P107 Celeste Moore (12/26/00)

P108 Tom Camara (1/9/01)

P109 Jason Hashimi

P110 Iris Edinger (1/3/01)

P111 Annick Wolf (1/5/01)

P112 Mark Weaver

P113 Pam McMichael (1/4/01) (and list of 668 commentors sending identical email letter)

P114 Susan Stuart (1/8/01)

P115 Sue Buckley and Wally Elton (1/6/01)

P116 Glenn Stewart (12/24/00)

P117 David and Marsha Low (12/31/00)

P118 Vivian Newman (12/30/00)

P119 Melissa Buhler (12/25/00)

P120 Joan Gambill (12/21/00)

P121 Barbara Tidball (1/5/01) (and list of 600 commentors sending nearly identical email letter)

P122 Richard Knox (12/29/00)

Transcripts and Written Comments Received at Public Hearings

T1 Public Hearing at Twentynine Palms (11/29/00)

T2 Public Hearing at Metropolitan Water District, Los Angeles (12/18/00)

T3 Meeting of California Desert District Advisory Council, Barstow (10/21/00)

T4 Written Comments Received at Public Hearings