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  Viewpoints: Why I’m still confused about the proposed tunnels in the Delta
11.6.2013 – I and my colleagues at the Pacific Institute have worked on California water issues for more than a quarter of a century. It is therefore no surprise that we get asked on a regular basis by friends, journalists and colleagues what we think about the Read More
   Climate Change Likely to Increase Water Scarcity
9.25.2013 – In light of the recent Colorado flooding caused by unprecedented rainfall, it may seem counterintuitive to worry about a global paucity of water. Read More
Water, Water, Everywhere—But Not A Drop To Drink?
9.17.2013 – With the planet getting warmer and more populated, the trend lines seem clear: the thirst on Earth is building. Is there enough water to go around, and if so, for how long? Read More
Colorado River: Is Historic Cut In Water Release the New Normal?                                                                              8.16.2013 – Fourteen years of drought in the West and a revised rule book on allocating water along the Colorado River have prompted the US Bureau of Reclamation to make the deepest cut…Read More.
Fracking and Vineyards: Key Questions Remain About Its Impact on Vineyards                                                   7.22.2013 - According to Heather Cooley, co-director of the water program at the Oakland, CA-based Pacific Institute, fracking could increase tensions among water stakeholders. Read More. 
Tunnel Vision Part One: Delta in Peril                  6.12.2013 – Nearly everyone in California drinks freshwater from distant rivers or streams. The East Bay taps the Mokelumne River…Read More. 
  Breweries Raising Their Glasses to Clean Water       5.14.2013 – Inside Arcadia Ales’ brewery, the air is pungent with fermenting beer, and Tim Suprise is talking water. The founder and president of the Battle Creek…Read More.
Energy Makes Up Half of Desalination Plant Costs: Study
4.30.2013 – Energy is the largest single expense for desalination plants, accounting for as much as half of the costs to make drinking water from the sea, according to a report. Read more
Where’s the Water of the Future? Right Here.
3.22.2013 – Fresh water. The planet has only so much to meet the needs of a growing world population. And global warming throws more uncertainty into the mix by increasing… Read more
Water Jobs of the Future
2.16.2013 -Two of the most common themes on our Opinions pages are
jobs and water.Today, we put them together, taking note of a study, released last week, that highlights the potential… Read more.
  Sustainable Water Projects Create Jobs, Pacific Institute Says
2.13.2013 -  As investments in water projects increase in the U.S., so too will job prospects in at least 130 fields from landscaping to engineering, The Pacific Institute said. Read more. 
  Most of California’s Water Footprint Tied to Food Production
12.11.2012 - The report released Tuesday by the Oakland-based think tank, takes a look at the amount of water required to produce the goods Californians consume… Read more
 Huge California Desalination Plant Faces Key Test
11.29.2012 – A regional water agency approved a contract Thursday to buy the entire output of what would be the Western Hemisphere’s largest seawater…Read more.
  San Diego Weighs Desalination Water Deal
11.29.2012 - An effort to build the Western Hemisphere’s largest seawater desalination plant faced a key test Thursday as San Diego’s regional water agency…Read more
U.S., Mexico Sign Five-Year Deal on Colorado River Flows
11.20.2012 - The U.S. signed a five-year agreement with Mexico today that for the first time guarantees water flow in the Colorado River that empties into the Gulf of California. Read more.
Once Behind Bars, Group Advocates for Prisoners Coming Home
10.19.2012 –  When the door opened at West County Detention Facility for Tamisha Walker, it was dark. After six months in jail, Walker was free. Read more.
Filling the Gaps in Oakland’s Climate Plan
09.17.12 - The City of Oakland is forging a comprehensive Energy and Climate Action Plan aimed at mitigating climate change. Even by California standards…Read more.
  Scientists Race to Save World’s Rice Bowl From Climate Change
- Climate change is predicted to cause more intense and frequent floods and droughts in Southeast Asia, threatening the world’s rice bowl and millions of people who live … Read more
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