Media Center: Experts

To contact Pacific Institute experts, please call or email Nancy Ross, Communications Director: nross (at), 510.251.1600 x106

Dr. Peter Gleick, President and Water Program Co-Director
Water, hydrology, climatology, climate change, environmental security, water and human rights, water and energy, water policy, public communications

Heather Cooley, Water Program Co-Director (bio)
Desalination, water and energy, climate change, water conservation and efficiency, soft path for water, social vulnerability, climate adaptation

Jason Morrison, Corporate Sustainability Program Director (bio)
Business water risk; corporate water stewardship; water-related collective action; sustainability standards; ethical certification

Catalina Garzón, Community Strategies for Sustainability and Justice Program Director (bio)
Environmental health and justice, popular education, participatory curriculum development, participatory action research, workshop facilitation, community-based coalition-building, freight transport, restorative justice, community resilience to climate change

Michael Cohen, Water Program Senior Research Associate (bio)
Colorado River, Salton Sea, municipal water conservation

Misha T. Hutchings, Community Strategies for Sustainability and Justice/International Water and Communities Initiative Senior Research Associate (bio)
Information and communication technologies for water, sanitation and hygiene (ICT for WASH); mobile phones for WASH (mWASH); participatory design

Kristina Donnelly, Water Program Research Associate (bio)
Water management, water policy, water and energy, water conservation and efficiency, green infrastructure and stormwater management, transboundary water issues and conflict management

Mai-Lan Ha, Corporate Sustainability Research Associate (bio)
business, water, and human rights; sustainability standards; water-related collective action; corporate water stewardship

Matthew G. Heberger, P.E., Water Program Research Associate (bio)
Water resources planning and management, water conservation and demand management, water demand forecasting, climate change – sea-level rise, groundwater management and policy, desalination – energy and emissions

Peter Schulte, Corporate Sustainability Research Associate (bio)
water-related business risk, corporate water stewardship, corporate water assessment, corporate water disclosure, sustainability reporting, business and human rights, water-related collective action