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Peter Gleick: Solutions in a World of Peak Water Limits from Chicago Ideas Week

Peter Gleick: Climate Change is Happening” from the National Center for Science Education

Peter Gleick Talks about The World’s Water Vol. 7

Desalination with a Grain of Salt: Heather Cooley at  the California Colloquium on Water

21st Century U.S. Water Policy

The Story of Bottled Water

Heather Cooley: Energy and Water Choke Points the US and China Face


Peter Gleick – Climate Change and the Water Cycle

Select Interviews and Podcasts
Global Development Podcast: Water, Water Everywhere?,” The Guradian, featuring Peter Gleick, 3.22.13″Report Offers Cautionary Tale on Desal Contract,” KPBS, featuring Heather Cooley, 11.28.12Last Call at the Oasis,” In Deep with Angie Coiro, featuring Peter Gleick, 11.24.2012″Why Water Desalination Is Still Controversial For San Diego,” KPBS, featuring Heather Cooley, 11.22.12″Water: Innovating for the Essential Resource,” The Commonwealth Club, featuring Peter Gleick, 11.7.2012″The Future of Our Water – Can we Learn from The Past?,” The Commonwealth Club, featuring Peter Gleick, 9.13.2012

The Sorry State of the Salton Sea,” The California Report, featuring Michael Cohen, 4.9.12

Curbing Sprawl, Protecting Health: Building Housing for the Bay Area’s Most Vulnerable Residents,” featuring Eli Moore, 1.17.2011

State’s Flood Protection Plan Misses Major Point, says Pacific Institute’s Gleick,” Central Valley Business Times, featuring Peter Gleick, 1.4.2012

International Water Expert Warns of Potential Risks from Coal Seam Gas Mining,“ featuring Peter Gleick, 10.25.2011

Heather Cooley on Reasons For and Against Desalination,” Earth Sky Show, featuring Heather Cooley, 8.4.2011

Water Expert Peter Gleick and Houston’s Bright Green Future,” GreenSense Show, featuring Peter Gleick, 7.24.2011

Finally Some Decent Water News,” Colorado Public Radio with Ryan Warner, featuring Michael Cohen in the discussion, 7.6.2010

Can Simple Conservation Save Just as Much Water as Multi-Bilion Dollar Infrastructure Projects?,” KPCC Southern California Radio with Patt Morrison, interview with Heather Cooley, 9.8.2010

What’s next for the State’s Water Bond,” KQED News with Cy Musiker, interview with Peter Gleick, 8.10.2010

Water,” Green Sense Radio Show with Robert Colangelo, interview with Heather Cooley, 8.1.2010

Bottled Water Blues,”  KQED Radio’s Forum with Michael Krasny, interview with Peter Gleick, 7.7.2010

War on Tap: America’s Obsession with Bottled Water,” NPR’s Fresh Air with Terry Gross, interview with Peter Gleick, 5.17.2010

Mississippi Floods and Climate Change,” NPR’s Science Friday with Ira Flatow, featuring Peter Gleick in the discussion, 5.13.2010