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Institute Online Update for August 2003

This Issue

Magazine Quotes Institute for Water Survey
Lends a Hand to Richmond, Calif Campaign
Pacific Institute Wins Grant to Study Water and
Staff Updates for July


Economist Quotes Institute for July Water Survey

Pacific Institute’s work on water privatization,
water scarcity, and water efficiency was quoted
and referred to at length in the July 19 issue of
The Economist Magazine. Although the piece is to
be applauded for its comprehensive survey of the
issues, the Pacific Institute is concerned that
readers may be left with the impression that the
answer to the global water crisis lies solely in
well-functioning markets and the proper application
of economic tools. These are indeed a necessary
part of the “soft path” solutions we espouse,
but as our research on water
has found, water is far too important
to be left solely to the private sector. The Economist
piece is available online
for a fee.

Lends a Hand to Community Campaign

Community Health Initiative of North Richmond held
a barbecue and rally on July 12 to launch an effort
to permanently preserve the Breuner property as
open space. The property, which abuts a wetland
along the edge of the San Francisco Bay, has significant
environmental, historical, and recreational value.
The well-attended event was organized by community
activists who participated in a series of trainings
given by the Pacific Institute in May. At the trainings,
activists learned how to create indicators-based
research and how to publicize that information.
Their research confirmed that greater North Richmond
has one-third the open space per person of Contra
Costa County, bolstering the case for preserving
the Breuner property. More information can be found

Wins Grant to Study Water and Energy

California Energy Commission has approved a one-year
$74K grant to the Pacific Institute for a project
to evaluate the air-quality implications of California’s
water-management decisions. This is an extension
of ongoing Institute work looking at the energy
implications of water policy. Many water-planning
decisions have energy implications that have not
been adequately evaluated. And these implications
in turn affect the economics of water policy decisions
and the air quality of the State. This project,
led by Gary H. Wolff, the Institute’s Principal
Economist and Engineer, will develop the methods
and approaches needed to better integrate energy-related
factors into water-planning decisions.

Staff Updates

Water Efficiency | Peter Gleick presented the case
for improving water use efficiency in California
to the California Biodiversity Council in Sacramento.

Water Privatization | Nicholas L. Cain gave an interview
to KAOS FM, based in Olympia, Washington, on water
privatization and related issues.

Water Management | Peter Gleick taught several classes
at the International Water Management Course near
Lucerne, Switzerland in early July. He gave lectures
on agricultural water use efficiency and privatization,
and gave a public lecture in Zurich on international
conflicts over water resources.

Global Water Issues | Peter Gleick was interviewed
by the German TV network Deutsche Welle for a forthcoming
documentary on the global water crisis and solutions
to scarcity.

Global Water Issues | Peter Gleick gave a talk at
the National Conference of State Legislators to
international parliamentarians, senators, legislators,
and diplomats on the state of the world’s water.
The conference was held in Sacramento, California.

Water Privatization | Meena Palaniappan gave an
interview to WBAI FM’s “Talk Back” show
on water privatization. WBAI is a Pacifica-affiliated
radio station based in New York City.


Salton Sea (Santa Fe, NM) | Michael Cohen will participate
on a panel discussion of the Salton Sea at the Water
Education Foundation’s biennial Colorado River symposium.
More information is available online.

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