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Stronger Controls on Truck Idling, Toxic Air Pollution

Diesel exhaust
is one of the leading sources of toxic air pollution in California.
Soot from diesel pollution has been proven to cause cancer, and
new research is linking diesel soot to climate change as well.
The California Air Resources Board is developing a plan to reduce
greenhouse gases from motor vehicles, but so far it doesn’t cover
diesel pollution. To remedy this, the Pacific Institute’s Meena
Palaniappan and Fanta Kamakate submitted comments to the Air Resources
Board that detail the scientific links between diesel soot and
global warming, and strongly encourage tighter limits on diesel

The Pacific
Institute also brought together a group of environmental justice
and health organizations to provide comments on the Air Resources
Board’s new proposed regulation of diesel truck idling to less
than 5 minutes. We strongly supported the Board’s move to regulate
diesel vehicle idling, which greatly impacts communities throughout
California — particularly those communities near marine ports,
bus depots, and other transportation hubs. We also encouraged
the Board to develop a plan for systematic enforcement of this
regulation including provisions for citizen involvement.


8/5-8/7/04, Environmental Justice Action
[Oakland, Calif.],
Interested in gaining skills as an environmental justice advocate?
Then the Environmental Justice Action Camp is for you. The Camp
will offer classes on campaign planning and other topics, and
is open to all Bay Area residents and organizations. Info: Azibuike
Akaba, 510-444-4426.

8/23/04, Energy Efficiency [Pacific Grove,
Calif.], Gary Wolff will co-chair a session of the American Council

for an Energy Efficient Economy (ACEEE) summer study on energy
efficiency in buildings. Info online.

9/16/04, Water Privatization [Tuscon, Arizona], Gary Wolff
will give a keynote presentation to the Arizona Hydrological Society
17th Annual Symposium on findings from his paper, “Valuing
Water for Better Governance.” Dr. Wolff will also serve as
Discussion Leader for three presentations on water value and price
trends in Arizona. Info online.



7/30/04, Gary Wolff met with Carol Howe, Director of Australia’s
Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation Urban
Water Program, and some colleagues, to discuss water scarcity, water
efficiency, and related issues.

7/28/04, 7/29/04, 7/31/04, Emily Lee and Margaret Gordon helped
to organize and carry out the West Oakland Health Survey, a joint effort
by the Coalition for West Oakland Revitalization and Pacific Institute
to evaluate the health of a small neighborhood in West Oakland. The
youth and adult surveyors spoke with more than 50 residents of the neighborhood
surrounding the Prescott Joseph Community Center in an effort to better
understand local health and environmental issues.

7/22/04, Margaret Gordon traveled to Sacramento to testify before
the California Air Resources Board on state legislation regarding truck
idling enforcement. Ms. Gordon shared her personal experiences with
truck idling and diesel pollution.

7/20/04, 7/22/04, Emily Lee and Margaret Gordon organized and
hosted a two-day training for youth and adult surveyors at Prescott
Joseph Community Center. Participants learned survey and interviewing
skills from Youth in Focus, an Oakland nonprofit that provides support
for youth research, in preparation for the West Oakland Health Survey.

7/20/04, Margaret Gordon was interviewed by KPFA radio about
the July 22 California Air Resources Board hearing on diesel truck idling.

7/6/04, Emily Lee, Margaret Gordon and Azibuike Akaba all attended
the CA Air Resources Board Environmental Justice Workshop on Climate
Change at the State Building in Oakland.

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