Globalization 2.0

In late November, as most Americans were thinking locally (as in getting home for the holidays), Jason Morrison was thinking globally. The Pacific Institute Program Director participated in the Reinventing Globalization 2005 workshop in New York City on November 19 and 20, which was attended by over 80 organizations and individuals working to transform globalization to make it more democratic, equitable, and sustainable.

Reinventing Globalization 2005The event had two objectives. The first was to share, analyze, and celebrate the strategies and tactics that are working to bring about real change in the fundamental nature, processes, and institutions of globalization. The second was to explore the possibility of creating one or more “communities of practice” among the NGOs and funders attending the meeting.

Mr. Morrison, who served on an eight-member design team for the conference, said “At a time when the daily news is so bleak, it was heartening to learn about all the successes environmentalists and social justice advocates have achieved around the world.”

Institute: New Streamgage Data Needed

Installing new streamgages at specific points on the lower Colorado River would help efforts to restore emergent wetland and riparian habitats in the river delta. According to the Pacific Institute white paper “Understanding Flows Through the Remnant Colorado River Delta: Recommendations for Streamgage Sites and Data Collection,” the current lack of data on the last 75 miles of the river hampers efforts to understand and preserve the river’s threatened final reach.

The paper notes specific locations where the installation of streamgages, in conjunction with improved data collection and distribution, would dramatically improve understanding of the lower Colorado River’s hydrology.

“The future of the Colorado River Delta depends on water flowing down the river,” said Michael Cohen, author of the white paper and Senior Research Associate at the Pacific Institute. “Dedicating and documenting river flows will require cooperation and collaboration between the US and Mexico.”

To download the report in PDF format, click here. En Español: Entendiendo los Flujos de Agua en el Delta del Río Colorado.

Assessing Indoor Air Pollution Solutions

The Pacific Institute launched the West Oakland Indoor Air Monitoring Study in November. With partners West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project and the Department of Health Services, the Institute will conduct an indoor air monitoring project to evaluate the effectiveness of personal air purifiers in reducing black soot — a marker for diesel pollution — in several West Oakland homes. The study is targeted at seniors, who are more likely to spend time indoors and are more vulnerable to health effects from air pollution.

“The Pacific Institute will begin analyzing the data this month,” said Emily Lee, Pacific Institute Outreach Coordinator. “We’re anticipating exciting results.”

Learn more about the Pacific Institute’s work in local communities.

Institute Staff Appointments

In early-November Jason Morrison accepted an invitation by the American Chemistry Council (ACC) to serve on its Responsible Care Program Strategic Review Board. The mission of the seven-member, multi-stakeholder group is to provide strategic recommendations for improving ACC’s management system programs, including, but not limited to, Responsible Care-ISO14001 (RC14001) and the Responsible Care Management System (RCMS) and its associated audit process.

Margaret Gordon will be joining Meena Palaniappan on the California Governor’s Cabinet Level Goods Movement Working Group. Online Update reported Ms. Palaniappan’s appointment last month. Ms. Gordon joins agency, industry, environmental, and community leaders who are tasked with reviewing, assessing, and reconciling the products of the five goods movement work groups and to develop recommendations for the final Goods Movement Action Plan.


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12/08/05. Salton Sea [Thermal, Calif.] Michael Cohen will participate in the Resources Agency’s Salton Sea Advisory Committee meeting.

Salton Sea

12/10-12/14/05. Community Strategies [Philadelphia, Pa.] At the annual American Public Health Association Conference, Margaret Gordon will be presenting on several panels regarding community-based health initiatives. She will also speak about her experience with the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project. Andrea Samulon will be presenting on Pacific Institute’s participation in the Bay Area Ditching Dirty Diesel Collaborative as part of the “Environmental Justice: Recognizing The Problem To Forge A Solution” panel.

12/14/05. Desalination [San Francisco, Calif.] Peter Gleick will be giving a presentation to the California Coastal Commission on the Institute’s desalination work.

12/15/05. Colorado River [Las Vegas, Nev.] Michael Cohen will meet with senior Bureau of Reclamation officials at the Colorado River Water Users Conference.


The Post-Kyoto Era Up for Debate International Press Service, 11/29/05 (En Español)

Millions face water shortages due to climate change SciDev.Net, 11/17/05 (En Español)

Truth a higher calling than fairness Seattle Post-Intelligencer, 11/13/05

Virtues Of The Middle Path The Times of India, 11/04/05


12/02/05. Global Change [Los Angeles, Calif.] Peter Gleick participated in a sold out discussion on climate change and ecological survival. Part of the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles’s First Fridays series, the panel was moderated by Collapse and Guns, Germs, and Steel author Jared Diamond.

11/30/05. Community Strategies [West Oakland, Calif.] Emily Lee participated in the West Oakland Truck Route working group meeting as well as the West Oakland Air Toxics Reduction Collaborative’s truck working group meeting to address land use issues in West Oakland.

11/30/05. Salton Sea [Ontario, Calif.] Michael Cohen participated in the Salton Sea Advisory Habitat subcommittee meeting.

11/29/05. Environmental Indicators [San Francisco, Calif.] Emily Lee participated in the Policy Advisory committee for the California Pan Ethnic Health Institute to help determine priorities for 2006.

11/28-11/29/05. Integrating Work Group [Los Angeles, Calif.] Margaret Gordon and Andrea Samulon were in Los Angeles to participate in the Integrating work group for the Goods Movement Action Plan.

11/18/05. Colorado River [Hollywood, Calif.] Michael Cohen participated on ‘The Colorado River Running Dry: What Do We Do?’ panel at the California Water Policy 15 conference. Heather Cooley and Ian Hart also attended the conference.

11/17/05, Value of Water [San Francisco, Calif.], Gary Wolff presented his work on the value of water at the year-end meeting of the California Water Association, a group of investor-owned water utilities. Read his report: Valuing Water for Better Governance.

11/16/05. Community Strategies [North Richmond, Calif.] Emily Lee participated in a North Richmond Truck Route planning meeting to decide the process for re-routing trucks out of residential areas.

11/15/05. Goods Movement [Oakland, Calif.] Andrea Samulon and Margaret Gordon attended the Senate Transportation Subcommittee on California Ports and Goods informational hearing entitled “Goods Movement: Assessing California’s 21st Century Needs and Consequences.”  Ms. Samulon and Ms. Gordon provided public comment about community impacts of goods movement, as well as the need for more community participation in planning processes related to increasing California’s goods movement infrastructure.

11/14/05. Corporate Responsibility [Seattle, Wash.] Jason Morrison attended Starbucks Coffee Company’s first Water Stakeholder Dialogue. Held at Starbucks’ world headquarters in Seattle, the purpose of the daylong meeting was to facilitate open and honest communications with stakeholders on Starbucks business practices and social investments.

11/11/05. Environmental Indicators [West Oakland, Calif.] The Pacific Institute, West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project, and the Department of Health Services concluded indoor air monitoring in several West Oakland homes. The groups are testing indoor air quality and the effectiveness of personal air purifiers.

11/10/05. Salton Sea [Salton City, Calif.] Michael Cohen attended the Salton Sea Authority’s Technical Advisory Committee meeting, to discuss his recent letter questioning aspects of the Authority’s revised redevelopment plan for the Salton Sea.

11/08/05 and 11/15/05. Beyond Payback: Advanced Financial Calculations [Pacific Energy Center, San Francisco and the Chamber of Commerce, San Jose, Calif.] Gary Wolff taught full-day courses on the economics of green building features, including water conservation measures.

11/07-11/09/05. Scientific Integrity Project [Berkeley, Calif.] Peter Gleick participated in the Berkeley Workshop on Media and Climate Change, introducing the Institute’s Scientific Integrity project and efforts to confront bad and intentionally misleading science.

11/07/05. Environmental Leadership [Calif.], Peter Gleick attended a reception for the Prince of Wales given by environmental leaders around the State of California.

11/1/05. Salton Sea [Sacramento, Calif.] Michael Cohen participated in the California Resources Agency’s Salton Sea Advisory Committee meeting. The Committee is guiding the development of an Ecosystem Restoration Plan for the Sea.

10/31-11/03/05. Goods Movement [Sacramento, Calif.] Andrea Samulon and Margaret Gordon participated in a series of goods movement work groups in Sacramento.

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