New Report Charts Solutions to Diesel
Pollution Problem in Contra Costa County

Communities in West Contra Costa County suffer
with a serious diesel air pollution problem — but a host of practical
solutions can help clean up the air. That’s the central message
of a new report by the Pacific Institute and a coalition of West
Contra Costa County community groups. The report, “Deluged
by Diesel: Healthy Solutions for West County,” will be released
on July 18 and includes the results of a year-long analysis of
the impacts of diesel pollution on the area.

Details on the release and the report itself
will be available

Wolff to Present on Environmental Economics
and Energy and Water for CSIRO Australia

Gary Wolff will be the featured speaker at workshops
in Melbourne (7/25), Sydney (7/27), and Brisbane, Australia (8/10)
sponsored by the urban water program at CSIRO (the national research
institute of Australia). Dr. Wolff will be covering four topics:
economics of demand management, economies of scale and scope in
river basin management, energy use in water management, and ethics
and externalities. For more info, contact the Pacific Institute’s
Communications department.

Upcoming Report Will Look at High Efficiency
Scenario for California Water

The Pacific Institute is preparing a new report
offering a detailed “high efficiency” scenario for California’s
water resources in the year 2030. In part, this report expands
upon the scenarios developed by the Department of Water Resources
(DWR) for the California Water Plan. None of the DWR scenarios
explores a truly efficient future, even given current technology,
price trends, and water management policies. The Institute’s scenario
suggests that far greater efficiency of water use is possible.
The full report will be available from the Pacific Institute in
August 2005.


7/12/05, West Oakland Truck Route,
[West Oakland, Calif.], The West Oakland EIP, the Pacific Institute,
truckers and City staff, will present a new truck route to the
City Public Works Committee at Noon, City Hall Hearing Room 1.
Info: Emily Lee, 510-251-1600.

7/15/05, Salton Sea, [San Diego,
Calif.], Michael Cohen will participate in the California DWR
Salton Sea Advisory Committee meeting.

7/18/05, Diesel Report Release,
[San Pablo, Calif.], A new report on diesel pollution in West
Contra Costa County will be released by the Pacific Institute
and our community partners. Info online.

7/22/05, Water Efficiency,
[San Diego, Calif.], Heather Cooley will participate on a panel,
“Smart Water Use — Stretching the Urban Supply,” at
the Water Education Foundation’s 2005 Water Law & Policy Briefing.

7/26/05, Diesel Report Briefing,
[Martinez, Calif.], The Institute and our W. Contra Costa County
partners will present “Deluged by Diesel” to the Contra
Costa County Board of Supervisors.


Emily Lee, Fanta Kamakate, and Meena Palaniappan conducted a Speakers’
Bureau Training on diesel pollution with residents and partner organizations
in West Contra Costa County. The training helped resident speakers prepare
for the upcoming release of our new diesel pollution study conducted
in West County.

6/28/05, Jason Morrison attended a convening
of experts organized by Business for Social Responsibility to discuss
“‘Megatrends’ of the Coming Decade and the Role of the Corporation.”
Attended by approximately 15 individuals from the private sector, civil
society organizations, and academia, the facilitated discussion sought
to explore emerging strategic issues relating to businesses’ interface
with sustainable development.

6/28/05-6/29/05, Michael Cohen participated
in the California DWR Salton Sea Advisory Technical Subcommittee meetings
on variability & modeling for Salton Sea inflow projections, and
on habitat planning for the Salton Sea Ecosystem Restoration process.
The meeting was held in Ontario, California. More info available

6/23/05. Meena Palaniappan and Emily Lee attended
the West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project General meeting that
focused on efforts to remediate toxic sites in West Oakland, and the
West Oakland Truck Route.

6/21/05, Jason Morrison gave a presentation
entitled “Raising the Corporate Transparency and Accountability
Bar” at the annual conference of the Multi-State Working group
on Environmental Performance. The conference was held in Grand Rapids,

6/20/05-6/24/05, Michael Cohen participated
in the Bureau of Reclamation’s Salton Sea Restoration Value Planning
Study Phase I meetings held in Denver, Colorado.

6/20/05, Meena Palaniappan hosted the Steering
Committee meeting of the Regional Ditching Dirty Diesel Collaborative
to plan initiatives to reduce diesel pollution in Bay Area Communities.

6/15/05, Peter Gleick gave the keynote luncheon
address at the AWWA/Water for People annual meeting celebrating the
Ware Fellows – a group of developing country students visiting the U.S.
to receive training on water supply, sanitation, quality, and management.

6/14/05, 6/15/05, Jason Morrison participated
in an international workshop organized by the Organization for Economic
Cooperation and Development (OECD) and held in Washington, DC. Entitled
“Public Environmental Policy and the Private Firm”, the summit
consisted of over 100 practitioners and policy-makers from various OECD
countries looking to find more effective and efficient policy tools
and approaches for enhanced environmental protection.

6/13/05, Michael Cohen participated in the California
DWR Salton Sea Advisory Technical Subcommittee meeting on inflows and
variability for Salton Sea inflow projections. The meeting was held
in Ontario, California.

6/13/05. Meena Palaniappan participated in a
planning meeting for a regional campaign to reduce unnecessary idling
of diesel vehicles. Idling is a significant source of toxic air pollution
in California.

6/10/05, Michael Cohen served on a panel entitled
“Action Agenda: What Should We Be Doing?” at the University
of Colorado Law School’s conference “Hard Times on the Colorado
River: Drought, Growth and the Future of the Compact” held in Boulder,

6/9/05, Fanta Kamakate and Meena Palaniappan
attended a West Contra Costa County planning meeting, hosted by Community
Focus, for a campaign to reduce diesel emissions. The campaign aims
to educate diesel equipment and fleet owners in the community on how
to get funds to replace, retrofit, or repower their vehicles to reduce

6/8/05, Emily Lee, Margaret Gordon, and Meena
Palaniappan hosted a meeting of the Healthy West Oakland Collaborative,
which includes state and county health agencies and community organizations.
The Collaborative is focusing on health insurance sign-ups in West Oakland
and health impact assessments.

6/08/05, Michael Cohen presented “Environmental
Impacts of Increased Colorado River Water Stress and Shortages: An Overview,”
at the University of Colorado Law School’s “Hard Times on the Colorado
River: Drought, Growth and the Future of the Compact” conference
in Boulder, Colorado.

6/3/05, Emily Lee and Margaret Gordon participated
in a meeting of the 3rd Planning Consortium meeting of the California
Environmental Health Tracking Program. The Planning Consortium has been
active in dialogue with the Center for Disease Control about creating
an Environmental Justice Working Group of the national Health Tracking

6/3/05, Meena Palaniappan gave a talk on the
impact of Ports on community health and quality of life, and presented
a range of solutions, at the Green Ports Workshop for World Environment

6/2/05, Margaret Gordon and Meena Palaniappan
hosted a tour of West Oakland. The tour highlighted community victories,
including the shut down of Red Star Yeast, as well as the impacts of
the Port of Oakland and gentrification in the neighborhood. Residents
spoke about their visions for redevelopment that combine creating jobs
and housing with protecting community health.

6/1/05, The Pacific Institute and the Earth
Day Network hosted a standing-room-only event on water for the first
day of the official World Environment Day program. “Solving Water
Challenges in the 21st Century” drew over 70 people to Fort Mason
for presentations by Peter Gleick and Gary Wolff of the Pacific Institute,
Dana Haasz, a Pacific Institute alumni now working for the City of San
Francisco, and Larry Farwell, an independent consultant.

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