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Institute Online Update for June 2002

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Work on Arms Control and Water Resources

Paper and Workshop Look to Reduce Risk
of Conflict Over Water

every major river in the world is shared by two or
more nations. And conflicts over water, already serious
in some places, will likely grow over the coming years
as global warming, pollution, and population growth
take their toll. But the good news is there are solutions
– although they may come from some surprising places.
That was the central message of a recent workshop
sponsored by the Pacific Institute, Oregon State University,
and Sandia National Laboratory that brought together
arms control and water experts. Now, a new paper,
to be published in the next issue of the Environmental
Change and Human Security Project Report discusses
the findings of that workshop in-depth. The paper,
written by Elizabeth L. Chalecki, Peter H. Gleick,
Kelli L. Larson, Arian L. Pregenzer, and Aaron T.
Wolf, finds that although arms control and natural
resource management are very different fields, techniques
from each can inform the work of the other. And, by
improving these agreements, we can reduce the risk
of conflict over critical resources like water.
& Water: An Examination of the Technologies,
Institutions, and Social Issues in Arms Control
and Transboundary Water Resources Agreements”

is available online without charge.

Edition of “The World’s Water” Set for
July 23 Release

2002-2003 edition of “The World’s Water”
will be released by Island Press and the Pacific
Institute on July 23 in Washington, DC. Of the new
edition, Sandra Postel director of the Global Water
Policy Project says: “Living within the limits
of nature’s water supply presents enormous challenges
to society today. The World’s Water offers a valuable
collection of information, insights, and ideas to
help us move onto a more sustainable water path…”

World’s Water 2002″ can be pre-ordered from
the Island
Press Website
. More info on the release will
be available shortly.

– Pacific Institute director, Dr. Peter H.
Gleick, will give the evening keynote presentation
on Global Water Issues and Challenges at a conference
being held by the Natural Resources Law Center of
the University of Colorado, Boulder.

12 –
Institute Affiliate, William C.G. Burns, will give
a presentation at the Woodrow Wilson Center in Washington,
DC on “The Agreement for the Conservation of
Marine Life of the Black and Mediterranean Seas:
Regional Approaches”.

20 and 21
– The Pacific Institute will give
two presentations at the Urban Water Institute’s
Urban Water Conference, one on privatization (6/20)
and the other on water and terrorism (6/21). The
conference is being held in San Francisco. More

in Global Water Issues Beginning to Boil

in global water issues – and how they will impact
us here in the United States – has been on the rise
of late. Dr. Peter H. Gleick, the Pacific Institute’s
director, recently spoke about the global water
crisis and it’s impacts on California at the San
Francisco Public Library’s Wallace Stegner environmental
center. Over 70 people came out to the discussion,
moderated by KPFA’s Claire Cummings. Dr. Gleick
also gave a seminar on “Water and International
Security” for United Nations diplomats and
staff at the Institute for International Education
in New York City. The audience included UN ambassadors,
embassy military attaches, representatives of the
U.S. military, and others. Other recent presentations
at University of California at Davis and at the
Irrigation Australia 2002 Conference have touched
on similar themes.

from two recent presentations, Water
Challenges in the New Century and Water and Security

are available online without charge.

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