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Institute Online Update for May 2003

Testifies to Congress on Water Commission

the beginning of April, Peter H. Gleick, President
of the Pacific Institute, testified in Washington,
DC on House bill H.R. 135, which aims to set
up a National Water Commission. Although Dr.
Gleick and the Pacific Institute strongly support
the creation of a National Water Commission,
we believe substantial modifications to the
current bill are necessary to address these
issues properly. Dr. Gleick’s testimony and
other related materials are available on our

New Paper on the Value of Water Now Online

new paper on the value of water is now available
online. “Valuing Water for Better Governance”
was co-written by Gary H. Wolff, the Pacific
Institute’s Principal Economist and Engineer,
Eric Gutierrez, Graham Gladden, and Jack Moss.
The paper explores the social, environmental,
and economic value of water and how issues
of valuation affect global water policy. The
paper was sponsored by the Business and Industry
CEO Panel for water and was originally presented
at the 3rd World Water Forum. It is available
without charge from our

Institute Wins Carnegie Grant to Develop Environment-Security

Institute was awarded a grant from the Carnegie
Corporation of New York to continue our work
on reducing water-related conflicts and disputes
internationally. Part of this renewed support
will be used to develop a comprehensive on-line
bibliography of the environment and security
literature, and to expand and update the Institute’s
popular Chronology of Water-Related Conflicts,
which is online at the World
Water site.


Staff Updates

Water and Conflict | Peter H. Gleick gave the 2003
E.N Thompson lecture at the University of Nebraska
on “Water and War: Issues for the 21st Century.”
An article on the presentation in The Daily Nebraskan
is available

Honorary Award | Peter H. Gleick was inducted into
Phi Beta Delta, the Honor Society for International
Scholars, which recognizes and encourages achievements
in the areas of international education and exchange.

Environmental Economics | Gary H. Wolff talked about
“Environmental Economics in Practice,”
at the Gualala River Earthday celebration sponsored
by the Gualala River Steelhead Project.

Environmental Justice | Meena Palaniappan represented
the Pacific Institute at the “Bridging the
Bay Meeting” — a two day meeting to develop
an agenda for groups throughout the San Francisco
Bay Area working on social, economic, and environmental
justice issues.

US Water Issues | Michael Cohen moderated the “Status
Report Panel,” at the Institute of the Americas’
“San Diego and Baja California Water Futures”
meeting in San Diego.

Global Water Crisis | Peter H. Gleick gave the 2003
Landis Lecture at Lafayette College, Pennsylvania
on “Fresh Water in the 21st Century: Old Problems,
New Solutions.”

California Water | Peter H. Gleick described California’s
water situation at the University of California’s
Conference on “Water and Environmental Planning
in Mediterranean Climates.”

Meeting Basic Needs | Peter H. Gleick gave a keynote
address on meeting basic human needs for water at
the World Vision “Water and the Human Family”
conference in Los Angeles.

Water and Conflict | The Pacific Institute helped
host the third of three international workshops
on reducing the risk of conflict over shared water
resources. This project, funded by the Carnegie
Corporation of New York, brings together international
water managers to discuss and defuse water-related
conflicts. This workshop, held in Corvallis, Oregon,
brought together water experts from the Okavango
River in Africa and several rivers in Latin America.

Environmental Justice | Meena Palaniappan attended
a meeting of the Port of Oakland’s Technical Review
Panel to discuss strategies to mitigate diesel pollution
from trucks and marine vessels in West Oakland.

Water Efficiency | Dana Haasz gave a presentation
entitled “The potential for demand management
in California: How much water do we really need?”
at the II International Conference: Efficient Use
and Management of Urban Water Supply held in Tenerife,

CERES Conference | Jason Morrison attended the CERES
annual conference in New York City.

MSWG | Jason Morrison attended the Multi-State Working
Group’s (MSWG) Spring quarterly meeting in Sonoma,

ISO | Jason Morrison and Michael J. Cohen participated
as U.S. delegates in the second working meetings
of ISO Technical Committee 224 — water resource
management. The meetings, held in Paris, France,
begin work on the four standards being developed
within the committee, which was formed in late 2001.


Climate Change
(Athens, Georgia) | William
C.G. Burns, an Affiliate with the Pacific Institute,
will give a presentation on the impacts of climate
change on small island states and possible responses
at a conference to be held at the University of
Georgia. More information about the conference can
be found online.

Environmental Justice
(Richmond, California)
Join the Neighborhood House of North Richmond
and the Pacific Institute for a tour of Breuner
Marsh, a threatened open space that is a missing
link in the San Francisco Bay Trail. For more information,
contact Whitney Dotson at 510-235-9780.

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