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Institute Online Update for May 2004

This Issue

PI Presents Sustainable H2O Project
to Silicon Valley

New Project to Study W. Oakland’s

Pacific Institute Announces New

4) Staff Updates

Institute Presents Sustainable Water Management
Project to Silicon Valley Leaders

Pacific Institute presented its Sustainable Water
Management in Practice concept paper to the attendees
of a one-day workshop on water in Silicon Valley.
Over one hundred representatives from government,
industry, and environmental organizations joined
interested members of the public at the event, which
was sponsored by Sustainable Silicon Valley and
held at NASA’s Moffett Field conference center in
Mountain View. During lunch, the Pacific Institute’s
President, Dr. Peter H. Gleick, laid out a forward-thinking
vision for Silicon Valley and California’s water
future that stressed efficiency, democratic decision-making,
and a science-based approach to managing our water

Sustainable Water Management in Practice concept
paper and related information is available online.

Project to Study W. Oakland’s Community Health

Palaniappan and Pacific Institute’s staff have been
working with the Coalition for West Oakland Revitalization
and other West Oakland organizations to develop
a West Oakland community health survey and implement
it in a small area in West Oakland. The Pacific
Institute has been convening this process and also
conducting background research on health surveys
for the working group. We have nearly completed
the survey itself and will be planning the upcoming
trainings for health surveyors and implementing
the survey in the coming months.

Institute Announces New Grants

Pacific Institute is proud to announce a number
of new grants. The Environmental Justice Coalition
for Water received the second half of their grant
from the Hewlett Foundation. The Joyce Foundation
has granted the Institute $168,500 to develop a
guidance manual for water sector privatization decision-makers
in the Great Lakes Region. Additional support for
our work has been received from the Swiss government,
the Planning and Conservation League, and Adam Smith
International. We thank these foundations, governments,
and organizations for supporting our work.


Water and Efficiency, Peter Gleick gave a briefing
on “Waste Not, Want Not” the Pacific Institute’s
recently release urban conservation report, to the
Conservation Committee of the California Urban Water

Global Water Issues, Gary Wolff presented the keynote
address, “Global Water Issues in the 21st Century,”
at the annual National Forest Service Line Officers
water workshop in South Lake Tahoe. His briefing
covered human and environmentall needs, climate
change, water-related conflicts, and new approaches
to water management.

Salton Sea, Michael Cohen participated in the Resource
Agency’s Salton Sea Advisory Committee meeting held
in Holtville, Calif.

Water and Efficiency, Peter Gleick gave the lunch
keynote presentation to Sustainable Silicon Valley’s
water conference.

Global Water Issues, Peter Gleick gave the Kolshorn
Lecture at the University of Minnesota on “The
Power of Water”. After Dr. Gleick’s presentation
to over 300 attendees, there was an enthusiastic
40-minute question-and-answer session and a book
signing. Minnesota Public Radio recorded the presentation
for rebroadcast.

International Standards, Jason Morrison and Mike
Cohen participated as U.S. delegates in the third
plenary meeting of ISO Technical Committee 224,
water management, held in Daejeon, Korea. In their
respective Working Group meetings, Morrison and
Cohen advocated public interest positions on key
issues, such as the human right to water, ecological
protection, and transparency and accountability
of water service providers.

Air Pollution and Environmental Justice, Meena Palaniappan,
members of the West Oakland Environmental Indicators
Committee and representatives from the Natural Resources
Defense Council met with officials from the California
Air Resources Board to put forward community and
NGO proposals to reduce diesel air pollution from
Ports in California.


Water Efficiency [San Francisco, CA], Peter Gleick
will present the Institute’s urban water conservation
results at the Water Conservation Workshop at the
Pacific Energy Center.

Colorado River [San Diego, CA], Michael Cohen will
participate in the International Boundary and Water
Commission’s Colorado River Delta Advisory Committee

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