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Institute Online Update for October 2002

Institute and EPA Study Diesel Pollution
West Oakland Throws Clean Air Festival

a hundred people attended West Oakland’s second
annual Clean The Air Festival last month. The event,
which aims to clean up West Oakland’s toxic air
with a mixture of education, outreach and activism,
featured speakers, booths, music, and food. The
event was covered by The Oakland Tribune and local
television and radio news.

related news, the US Environmental Protection Agency
has chosen the Pacific Institute to manage a diesel
pollution study that will measure the sources of
and impacts from exposure to truck exhaust in West
Oakland. We are also working with the California
State Health Investigations Branch to develop an
Environmental Health Tracking system for the state.
This Tracking system will help make a better link
between environmental pollution and illness by tracking
environmental indicators and public health conditions.

Project Delayed by Metropolitan Water District

September 25, the staff of the Metropolitan Water
District officially recommended that the Cadiz Project
be delayed, perhaps indefinitely. The major justification
was that the project posed unacceptable financial
risk to MWD and ratepayers — precisely the point
made in an economic assessment produced by the Pacific
Institute earlier this year. Our report is available
without charge from our Website.

and Water” Published in Wilson Center Report

Pacific Institute’s “Fire and Water” paper
was included in Issue 8 of the Environmental Change
and Human Security Project Report published by the
Woodrow Wilson Center. “Fire & Water: An
Examination of the Technologies, Institutions, and
Social Issues in Arms Control and Transboundary
Water-Resources Agreements,” written by Elizabeth
L. Chalecki, Peter H. Gleick, Kelli L. Larson, Arian
L. Pregenzer, and Aaron T. Wolf is also available
from our Website
free of charge.

Updates for September: From Australia to Claremont

Labor Day, Peter H. Gleick, President of the Pacific
Institute, presented the keynote address at the
Brisbane, Australia “Riversymposium” where
500 participants discussed long-term global and
local river issues.

September 11, Dr. Gleick was a panelist at the Environmental
Grantmakers Association annual meeting in Asheville,
North Carolina. He addressed the issue of water
and privatization and presented “The New Economy
of Water,” a report published by the Pacific
Institute on the globalization and privatization
of water.

September 25, Dr. Gleick gave an overview of past
and future California water issues at the Ventura
County World Affairs Council. Dr. Gleick was joined
by Adan Ortega of the Metropolitan Water District
and Don Kendall of the Calleguas Municipal Water

September 26, Peter Gleick gave a talk at the Dr.
Bruce J. Nelson Distinguished Speaker Series at
Harvey Mudd College (Claremont, CA) entitled: Water
in the 21st Century: “Old Problems, New Solutions.”

September 18-20 Jason Morrison, Director of the
Economic Globalization and the Environment Program,
attended the quarterly meeting of the Multi-State
Working Group on Environmental Management Systems
(EMS). Held in Omaha, Nebraska, the meeting focused
on the various uses of EMS in agriculture, as well
as on the production of a guidance document on EMSs.

late September, Mr. Morrison and Meena Palaniappan,
Director of the Community Strategies Program, participated
as U.S. delegates in the first plenary meeting of
ISO Technical Committee 224 — water resource management.
Hosted by the French national standards body, AFNOR,
the meeting focused on establishing the work plan
and structure of the newly formed technical committee.


Anniverary Draws Near!

Pacific Institute is now gearing up to celebrate
our fifteenth anniversary with an Open House, new
logo and an anniversary report. The Open House will
be held at the Pacific Institute’s Oakland office
on October 22.


15-17: Michael J. Cohen, a Senior Research Associate
with the Pacific Institute will be in Tijuana for:
“Mapping Conservation Priorities in the Colorado
River Delta: A State-of-Knowledge Workshop.”

14-15: Wil Burns, an Affiliate with the Pacific
Institute, has been asked to participate in a forum
at McGill University in Montreal on U.S.-Canadian
environmental issues. His presentation is entitled
“The Canadian and US Approaches to Climate
Change: A Study in Divergence.”

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