The World’s Water Volume 8 Keeps Water Challenges and Solutions Center Stage

Oakland, Calif., January 16, 2014: What do the controversy over fracking, desalination costs, and the growing Syrian civil war have in common? Water. Global freshwater supply affects a broad range of issues, including public health, food crises, and environmental catastrophes.

The just-released eighth edition of The World’s Water series, edited by Peter Gleick, president of the Pacific Institute and the world’s foremost expert on freshwater, shows how water touches everything. It addresses a myriad of issues including water conflict, the water footprint, water governance, and more – and their effects on the economy and climate. In this highly regarded series, Gleick and his Pacific Institute colleagues have provided potential solutions to these problems as well as expert insights into freshwater issues, key water data, and more.

In The World’s Water Volume 8, foreword writer and former World Bank vice president Ismail Serageldin writes: “The World’s Water series [has] provided the most thoughtful, comprehensive, and interesting coverage of the available knowledge and the insights needed to deal with the myriad problems that water represents.”

Additional topics covered include:

- The business case for investing in sustainable water management;
- The emerging market for sustainable water jobs;
- Hydraulic fracturing and water resources;
- Cholera outbreaks directly caused by lack of access to safe water;
- “Zombie water projects,” or expensive infrastructure proposals that are killed off and brought back to life despite social, political, environmental, or economic flaws.

Like previous volumes, in addition to full chapters the book includes interesting Water Briefs, a complete table of contents and index that span all eight volumes of the series, and updated data tables regarding improved water and sanitation by country, renewable freshwater supply, water quality satisfaction, progress on Millennium Development Goals, and more.

Two chapters, two “Water Briefs,” and data tables from The World’s Water vol. 8 are available for free download at

Gleick and his coauthors combine abundant data, insightful analysis, and conviction that better education and awareness of water issues will lead to implementing smart and effective solutions. The World’s Water Volume 8, like its predecessors, is an invaluable resource for community leaders, health officials, academics, students, and others whose work touches on freshwater.

Peter H. Gleick is the president of the Pacific Institute in Oakland, Calif., and is a recipient of the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship for his work on water issues.

The World’s Water is published by Island Press and can be ordered at:

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