The New Economy of Water: The Risks and Benefits of Globalization and Privatization of Fresh Water

Published: February 2002
Authors: Peter Gleick, Gary Wolff, Elizabeth Chalecki, Rachel Reyes
Pages: 61

The New Economy of Water: The Risks and Benefits of Globalization and Privatization of Fresh Water is the most comprehensive examination of the issue of water privatization to date. The report looks at the dangers and benefits of water privatization, offers case studies from around the world, and sets forth principles designed to help guide privatization deals.

“Our assessment shows that rigorous, independent review of water privatization efforts are necessary to protect the public,” said Dr. Peter H. Gleick, the report’s lead author. “Governments must establish clear guidelines that ensure fair access to water regardless of income, protect the environment, ensure transparency, and include affected parties in decision-making efforts. Water is far too important to human health and the health of our natural world to be placed entirely in the private sector.”

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Press Release: “Dangers of Water Privatization Demand Greater Scrutiny