The World’s Water: 2006-2007

Published: November 2, 2006

In The World’s Water 2006-2007, Pacific Institute President and series editor Peter Gleick convened Pacific Institute staff and others in presenting the fifth edition, covering some of the most significant current worldwide water issues: * water and terrorism, * preserving and restoring instream water allocations, * an update of seawater desalination, * the growing risks of floods and droughts, * environmental justice for water, * water risks facing industry, and * updated information on bottled water, international disputes over water, and the discovery of water on Mars.

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The World’s Water 2006-2007 Data

Table 6: Annual Average ODA for Water, by Country, 1990 to 2004 (Total and Per Capita): PDF
Table 7: Twenty Largest Recipients of ODA for Water, 1990 to 2004: PDF
Table 8: Twenty Largest Per Capita Recipients of ODA for Water, 1990 to 2004: PDF
Table 9: Investment in Water and Sewerage Projects with Private Participation, by Region, in Middle- and Low- Income Countries, 1990-2004: PDF
Table 10: Bottled Water Consumption by Country, 1997 to 2004: PDF
Table 11: Global Bottled Water Consumption, by Region, 1997 to 2004: PDF
Table 14: Global Cholera Cases and Deaths Reported to the World Health Organization, 1970 to 2004: PDF
Table 15: Reported Cases of Dracunculiasis by Country, 1972 to 2005: PDF
Table 16: Irrigated Area, by Region, 1961 to 2003: PDF
Table 17: Irrigated Area, Developed and Developing Countries, 1961 – 2003: PDF
Table 18: The U.S. Water Industry Revenue (2003) and Growth (2004–2006): PDF
Table 19: Pesticide Occurrence in Streams, Groundwater, Fish, and Sediment in the United States: PDF
Table 20: Global Desalination Capacity and Plants—January 1, 2005: PDF
Table 21: 100 Largest Desalination Plants Planned, in Construction, or in Operation—January 1, 2005: PDF
Table 22: Installed Desalination Capacity by Year, Number of Plants, and Total Capacity, 1945 to 2004: PDF

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