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Reports and Papers

[12/2011] California Farm Water Success Stories and Videos  2011, Juliet Christian-Smith, Lucy Allen, Michael J. Cohen, Peter H. Gleick, Peter Schulte, Courtney Smith, Morgan Levy, Cristel Tufenkjian, Chris Kaphiem, Janett Nolasco

[12/2011] Water-Use Efficiency and Productivity: Rethinking the Basin Approach, article in Water International, Vol. 36, No. 7, November 2011, Peter Gleick, Juliet Christian-Smith, Heather Cooley

[12/2011] Climate Change and Urbanisation: Building Resilience in the Urban Water Sector - a Case Study of Indore, India, Meena Palaniappan, Veena Srinivasan, Michael Cohen, Eva Saroch, Dilip Singh, Laura Seraydarian, Sarah Stapleton,
Shashikant Chopde

[11/2011] Water for Energy: Future Water Needs for Electricity in the Intermountain West, Heather Cooley, Julian Fulton, Peter Gleick

[10/2011] The World's Water, Vol. 7, Pacific Institute: Peter Gleick, Lucy Allen, Juliet Christian-Smith, Michael J. Cohen, Heather Cooley, Matthew Heberger, Jason Morrison, Meena Palaniappan, Peter Schulte

[7/2011] Speaking Truth on Coming Home, Pacific Institute, Richmond Office of Neighborhood Safety, Contra Costa Interfaith Supporting Community Organization

[6/23/2011] Municipal Deliveries of Colorado River Basin Water, Michael J. Cohen

[6/16/2011] Impacts of the California Drought from 2007-2009, Juliet Christian-Smith, Morgan C. Levy, Peter H. Gleick

[3/2011] The Human Costs of Nitrate-contaminated Drinking Water in the San Joaquin Valley, Eli Moore, Eyal Matalon, Carolina Balazs, Jennifer Clary, Laurel Firestone, Susana De Anda, Martha Guzman

[12/2010] Roadmap for Sustainable Water Resources in Southwestern North America, from the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, Peter Gleick

[11/2010] The Human Right to Water: Emerging Corporate Practice and Stakeholder Expectations, Jason Morrison, Peter Schulte, Rob Greenwood

[11/2010] Overview of Greywater Reuse: the Potential of Greywater Systems to Aid Sustainable Water Management, Lucy Allen, Juliet Christian-Smith, Meena Palaniappian

[11/2010] "CEO Water Mandate: Guide to Responsible Business Engagement with Water Policy," Jason Morrison, Peter Schulte, Juliet Christian-Smith, Stuart Orr, Nick Hepworth, Guy Pegram

[10/2010] "Advancing Community Health through Community Benefits Agreements -- Four Case Studies and Lessons for the Redevelopment of the Oakland Army Base", Eli Moore and Martin Nettles

[10/2010] Gearing Up for Action: A Curriculum Guide for Freight Transport Justice, Ariana de Leña and Catalina Garzón

[9/2010] "California's Next Million Acre-Feet: Saving Water, Energy, and Money," by Heather Cooley, Juliet Christian-Smith, Peter H. Gleick, Michael J. Cohen, Matthew Heberger

[8/2010] The California Water Bond: What Does It Say and Do? An Independent Analysis of the "Safe, Clean, and Reliable Drinking Water Supply Act of 2010," Juliet Christian-Smith, Lucy Allen, Eli Moore, Peter H. Gleick

[4/2010] "Corporate Water Accounting: An Analysis of Methods and Tools for Measuring Water Use and Its Impacts," Jason Morrison, Peter Schulte, Rita Schenck (by the Pacific Institute for the United Nations)

[3/2010] "California Farm Water Success Stories," Juliet Christian-Smith, Lucy Allen, Michael J. Cohen, Peter H. Gleick, Peter Schulte, Courtney Smith

[12/2009] "Understanding and Reducing the Risks of Climate Change for Transboundary Waters," Heather Cooley, Juliet Christian-Smith, Peter H. Gleick, Lucy Allen, and Michael Cohen

[07/2009] "Sustaining California Agriculture in an Uncertain Future," Heather Cooley, Juliet Christian-Smith, and Peter H. Gleick [Report]

[06/2009] "Measuring What Matters: Neighborhood Research for Economic and Environmental Health and Justice in Richmond, North Richmond, and San Pablo," Pacific Institute [Report] (Español)

[05/2009] "Climate Change and the Global Water Crisis: What Businesses Need to Know and Do," by Pacific Institute and UN Global Compact [Report]

[03/2009] "Impacts of Sea-Level Rise Threaten California
," by Pacific Institute [Report]

[03/2009] "Water Disclosure 2.0: Assessment of Current and Emerging Practice in Corporate Water Reporting," by Pacific Institute for The CEO Water Mandate [Report]

[02/2009] "Water Scarcity and Climate Change: Growing Risks for Businesses and Investors," Pacific Institute, Ceres [Report]

[02/2009] "Energy implications of bottled water," Peter H. Gleick and Heather S. Cooley, Published in Environmental Review Letters

[02/2009] "Taking a Toll," Pacific Institute and East Bay Alliance for a Sustainable Economy [Report]

[1/2009] "The World's Water 2008-2009" [Book]

[08/2008] "Richmond's Tax Revenue from Chevron," Eli Moore, Swati Prakash [Chapter]

[08/2008] "Can California's Water Problems Be Solved?," Peter H. Gleick, Ecology Law Quarterly

[08/2008] "More with Less: Agricultural Water Conservation and Efficiency in California - A Special Focus on the Delta," Heather Cooley, Juliet Christian-Smith, and Peter H. Gleick [Report]

[05/2008] "Bioenergy and Greenhouse Gases," Green Power Institute, the Renewable Energy Program of the Pacific Institute, Gregory Morris [Report]

[05/2008] "A Review of Decision-Making Support Tools in the Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Sector," Environmental Change and Security Program of the Woodrow Wilson Center and the Pacific Institute [Report]

[11/2007] "Hidden Oasis: Water Conservation and Efficiency in Las Vegas," Heather Cooley, et al. [Report]

[11/2007] "A Review of Water Conservation Planning for the Atlanta, Georgia Region," Pacific Institute [Report]

[9/2007] "At the Crest of a Wave: A Proactive Approach to Corporate Water Strategy," Business for Social Responsibility and the Pacific Institute [Report]

[7/2007] "A Review of the SFPUC’s Retail and Wholesale Customer Water Demand Projections," Heather Cooley [Report]

[6/2007] "El derecho humano al agua," Peter Gleick [Article, en Español]

[6/2007] "The Human Right to Water," Peter Gleick [Article]

[5/2007] "Corporate Reporting on Water: A Review of 11 Global Industries," Mari Morikawa, Jason Morrison, and Dr. Peter H. Gleick [Report]

[1/2007] "Results of Survey on the Current and Future CSR Landscape," (PDF) Mari Morikawa and Jason Morrison [Paper]

[11/2006] "Assessing the long-term outlook for current business models in the construction and provision of water infrastructure and services," Meena Palaniappan, et al. [Paper]

[11/2006] "The World's Water 2006-2007: The Biennial Report on Freshwater Resources," Dr. Peter H. Gleick, ed. [Book]

[11/2006] "Paying With Our Health: The Real Cost of Freight Transport in California," Swati Prakash, Meena Palaniappan, et al. [Report]

[8/2006] "Water and Terrorism," Peter Gleick [Paper]

[6/2006] "Desalination, With a Grain of Salt - A California Perspective" Heather Cooley, Dr. Peter H. Gleick [Report]

[5/2006] "HAZARD: The Future of the Salton Sea with No Restoration Project" Michael Cohen, Karen Hyun [Report]

[4/2006] "The Emerging Role of Private Social and Environmental International Standards in Economic Globalization" Jason Morrison, Naomi Roht-Arriaza [Paper]

[1/2006] "REMAINING DROPS Freshwater resources: A global issue" Dr. Peter H. Gleick, Jason Morrison [Paper]

[12/2005] "Beyond Privatization: Restructuring Water Systems to Improve Performance" Gary Wolff, Eric Hallstein [Report]

[12/2005] "Entendiendo los Flujos de Agua en el Delta del Río Colorado: Recomendaciones Para la Instalación de Estaciones Hidrométricas y Mejorar la Recolección y Reporte de Datos Hidrológicos" Michael J. Cohen (translation of 11/05 paper)

[11/2005] "Understanding Flows Through the Remnant Colorado River Delta: Recommendations for Streamgage Sites and Data Collection" Michael J. Cohen [Research Paper]

[9/2005] "California Water 2030: An Efficient Vision," Dr. Peter H. Gleick, Heather Cooley, David Groves [Report]

[7/2005] "Deluged by Diesel: Health Solutions for West County," Meena Planiappan, Fanta Kamakate, Emily Lee, [Report]

[3/2005] "Salton Sea Integrated Water Management Plan Evaluation," Michael J. Cohen [Report]

[2/2005] "Investing in Clean Agriculture: How California Can Strengthen Agriculture, Reduce Pollution, and Save Money," Dr. Gary Wolff, [Report]

[12/2004] "Water to Air Models" and User Manual, Dr. Gary Wolff, [Models and Manual]

[11/2004] "The World's Water 2004-2005: The Biennial Report on Freshwater Resources," Dr. Peter H. Gleick with N. Cain, D. Haasz, C. Henges-Jeck, C. Hunt, M. Kiparsky, M. Moench, M. Palaniappan, V. Srinivasan, G. Wolff, [Book]

[11/01/04] "Economies of Scale and Scope in River Basin Management," Dr. Gary Wolff [Research Paper]

[10/2004] "California’s “Economic Productivity” of Water Use: Jobs, Income, and Water Use in California," Peter Gleick

[10/2004] "Who Develops ISO Standards? A Survey of Participation in ISO's International Standards Development Processes," Mari Morikawa and Jason Morrison [Research Paper]

[8/2004] "Energy Down the Drain", Dr. Gary Wolff, Ronnie Cohen (NRDC), and Barry Nelson (NRDC), [Report]

[8/2004] "Freshwater Resources: Managing the Risks Facing the Private Sector," Dr. Peter H. Gleick and Jason Morrison [Research Paper]

[7/2004] "West Oakland Health Survey Results," Emily Lee and Meena Palaniappan [Research Paper]

[3/2004] "The External Value Environmental Management System Voluntary Guidance: Gaining Value by Addressing Stakeholder Needs," MSWG EVEMS Subcommittee including Jason Morrison [Report]

[11/2003] "Global Freshwater Resources: Soft-Path Solutions for the 21st Century," Dr. Peter H. Gleick, Science Magazine [Article]

[11/2003] "Waste Not, Want Not: The Potential for Urban Water Conservation in California," Dr. Peter H. Gleick, D. Haasz, C. Henges-Jeck, V. Srinivasan, G. Wolff, K. Kao Cushing, A. Mann [Report]

[11/2003] "Clearing the Air: Reducing Diesel Pollution in West Oakland," Meena Palaniappan, Diana Wu, Jacki Kohleriter [Report]

[10/2003] Technical Review of Proposed Water Privatization for Stockton, California, Dr. Gary Wolff [Technical Review]

[7/2003]"Climate Change and California Water Resources:
A Survey and Summary of the Literature
," Michael Kiparsky, Dr. Peter H. Gleick

[5/2003] "Valuing Water for Better Governance," Dr. Gary Wolff, Jack Moss, Suez, Graham Gladden and Eric Guttieriez [Research Paper]

[8/2002] "Dirty Water: Estimated Deaths from Water-Related Diseases 2000-2020," Dr. Peter H. Gleick [Research Paper]

[8/2002] "Environmental Security: A Case Study of Climate Change," Elizabeth L. Chalecki [Research Paper]

[7/2002] Water management: Soft water paths Dr. Peter H. Gleick [article]

[7/2002] "The World's Water: 2002-2003," Dr. Peter H. Gleick [Book]

[5/2002] "Water Fact Sheet," Dr. Peter H. Gleick [Fact Sheet]

[6/2002] "Fire and Water: An Examination of the Technologies, Institutions, and Social Issues in Arms Control and Transboundary Water-Resources Agreements," Elizabeth L. Chalecki, Peter H. Gleick, Kelli L. Larson, Arian L. Pregenzer, and Aaron T. Wolf, Environmental Change and Security Project Report [Research Paper]

[1/2002] "New Economy of Water: The Risks and Benefits of Globalization and Privatization of Fresh Water," Dr. Peter H. Gleick, Gary Wolff, Elizabeth L. Chalecki, Rachel Reyes [Report]

[1/2002] "Neighborhood Knowledge for Change: West Oakland Environmental Indicators Project," Meena Palaniappan, S. Costa, A. Wong [Report]

[1/2002] "Healthy, Fair and Profitable: A Win-Win Pesticide Policy," Dr. Gary Wolff [Report]

[1/2002] "Threats to the World's Freshwater Resources," Dr. Peter H. Gleick, A. Singh, H. Shi [Research Paper]

[12/2001] "Creating a Framework for Sustainability in California: Lessons Learned from the New Zealand Experience," Jason Morrison and Andrea Sumits [Report]

[10/2001] "Defining Transparency: Expectations and Obstacles" [Workshop Proceedings]

[9/2001] "Missing Water: The Uses and Flows of Water in the Colorado River Delta Region," Michael J. Cohen and Christine Henges-Jeck [Report]

[9/2001] "A New Vigilance: Identifying and Reducing the Risks of Environmental Terrorism," Elizabeth L. Chalecki, Global Environmental Politics [Research Paper]

[8/2001] "Economic Evaluation of Cadiz Groundwater Storage and Dry Year Supply Project," Dr. Gary Wolff [Research Paper]

[11/2000] "Forging Alliances to Prevent Industrial Pollution: New Approaches and Tools for Environmental Management: Multi-Stakeholder Workshop" [Workshop Proceedings]

[9/2000] "Water: Potential Impacts of Climate Variability and Change," Dr. Peter H. Gleick [Report]

[3/2000] "Managing a Better Environment: Opportunities and Obstacles for ISO 14001 in Public Policy and Commerce" Jason Morrison, K. Kao Cushing, Z. Day, J. Speir [Report]

[4/1999] "The Human Right to Water," Dr. Peter H. Gleick [Paper

[2/1999] "Haven or Hazard: The Ecology and Future of the Salton Sea," Michael Cohen, Jason I. Morrison, and Edward P. Glenn [report]

[11/1996] "Sustainable Use of Water in the Lower Colorado River Basin," Sandra Postel of Global Water Policy and Jason Morrison and Dr. Peter H. Gleick [Report]

[7/1996] "Basic Water Needs," Dr. Peter H. Gleick [Paper]

[5/1995] "California Water 2020: A Sustainable Vision," Peter H. Gleick, Penn Loh, Santos V. Gomez, and Jason Morrison [Report]

[Summer 1993] "Water and Conflict: Freshwater Resources and International Security," Peter Gleick, [Article from International Security, v18n1].

[Summer 1990] "Global Climatic Change and International Security," Dr. Peter H. Gleick [Article from the Colorado Journal of International Environmental Law and Policy, v1n1].

[4/1990] "Assessing The Costs Of Adapting To Sea-Level Rise: A Case Study Of San Francisco Bay," Peter H. Gleick and Edwin P. Maurer [Report]

[10/1989] "Climate Change and International Politics: Problems Facing Developing Countries," (PDF) Dr. Peter H. Gleick [Article from Ambio: A Journal of the Human Environment. v18n6, 1989]

[1989] "The Implications of Global Climatic Changes for International Security," (PDF) Dr. Peter H. Gleick [Article from Climactic Change 15].


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